Having a Listing in the Winter Can Shed Light on a New Type of Appeal…

When trying to sell a home during the cooler months, it’s important to warm up the interiors and give the home a “homey” cozy look, agents say.

AOL Real Estate recently highlighted some tips for warming up your listings this fall and winter. Here are a few ideas:

1. Offer up some cozy smells: “We take some big old pots and dump cider in them, then warm it up and the whole house smells good,” Idaho real estate professional Gail Hartnett told AOL Real Estate. “It’s just a warm, homey smell that makes people feel good when they enter.”

2. Leave a few leaves: Keep the home’s lawn tidy but don’t sweat picking up every single leaf. “Leaves actually look nice as long as they have some color to them,” Harnett says. “But you need to make sure that your walkways are swept clear for safety purposes.”

3. Display photos from warmer days: Display spring and summer photos of the home’s exterior online as well as have photos at the home during showings. This will allow potential buyers to see what the beautiful flower beds and garden around your property looks on warmer days.


I’d like to add:

4)Keep it Simple: Now this may be hard since we all enjoy getting a bit extravagant during the Holidays. Who doesn’t like adding to their shiny, glitter reindeer a stream of lights and a fake, yet assuredly tacky, Santa Clause. Or, ever since those massive blow-up caricatures became consumer friendly, all the neighbors have one (which reminds me, I still need to get mine). Simplicity has always been a favorite of mine and can be applied to many different themes and locations throughout the house. Too much is never a good thing when trying to accessorize. I feel if this could be applied in fashion than why not Real Estate!

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